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Code of Ethics

The following code has been adopted by the Arkansas Electronic Security and Fire Alarm Association to aid its members and their employees in maintaining a high level of ethical conduct within its industry.  It is expected by all members to adhere and maintain this code to protect the interests of our industry and its customers. 

1.      We will maintain public interest of the electronic security & fire alarm industries by the use of our capabilities, abilities, and knowledge. 

2.      We will represent our qualifications to prospective clients solely in terms of our ability, experience and reputation.  We will strive to continuously improve our knowledge, skills, and techniques to make available to our clients the benefit of our professional attainment. 

3.      We will always be mindful of the trust placed in us by our subscribers and of our responsibility to render services at the highest level of quality. 

4.      We will carefully implement training to our employees so that they will clearly understand company operations, policies, and procedures and how they impact upon our clients. 

5.      We will apply uniform and equitable standards of employment opportunity and assure that the best possible use is made of the abilities, technical knowledge and skills of our employees regardless of race, creed, color, sex or age. 

6.      We will maintain a professional attitude toward those we serve, those who assist us, toward other firms in our industry, toward the members of other professionals, and towards other industries that interact with the electronic security & fire alarm industry. 

7.      We will implement friendly competition with those in the electronic security and fire alarm industry, but will not hesitate to expose those practicing in our industry in an unethical manner.